Sunday, May 22, 2011

... elastic-waist skirt

Some nasty weather and unexpected life events prevented me from making it out to Brimfield last weekend, which means I'll have to wait for the July show. Bummer! It's been an altogether dismal start to the flea market and yard sale season in the Northeast, in terms of weather. I'm seriously jonesing to dig through someone else's junk (not a euphemism).

So, more sewing projects! Which are not weather-dependent. I whipped up this quick elastic-waist skirt from some printed twill I picked up recently. I really love the pattern and colors and it has a nice weight to it with just a little bit of stretch. 

Twill skirt
Front (also could be the back)

The front is pretty much exactly the same as the back, and it has pockets (of course). I finished the hem with some grosgrain ribbon before I hand-tacked it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

... super-bright taffeta print dress

So when I said I had some taffeta in a really bright print, I wasn't kidding!

My eyes!

I kind of fell in love with this taffeta at the fabric store. Honestly, the lighting in my apartment is really bad - it's even brighter in real life. It's got a kind of abstract animal print thing going on, which is not usually to my taste, but the colors just jumped out at me. 

garment front

garment back

Since the print was so bold, I kept the shape really simple - it's basically just a tank dress with elastic waist and a button closure in the back. And pockets, obviously pockets!