Sunday, April 24, 2011

... navy linen casual dress

This website, I've been neglecting it! I admit, sometimes I go through a phase where all I want to do when I get home from work is have a glass of wine and watch Masterpiece Theater and be generally unproductive. But I have a backlog of fabric calling my name, so it's never that long before I start a new project. The weather is just starting to feel actually spring-like, so I decided to work with some navy linen to make a casual day dress. The casual dress is my go-to wardrobe element in the summer – I can never have too many! 

This was a satisfyingly quick project that I finished over the weekend. It would have gone even quicker if I had used store-bought bias tape, but I decided to make my own. It's a truth universally acknowledged that you never find bias tape at the fabric store that exactly matches your fabric, particularly if you are working with one solid color - unless you're looking for white or black (and that can still be dicey). I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to almost-but-not-quite-matching colors, so ever though the bias tape wasn't going to show, I made some out of the dress fabric for a perfect match. I also realized belatedly that making a drawstring waist necessitated putting buttonholes – my old nemesis – onto the front of the dress, so I got a little hung up there. But overall this was a snap.

You'd think navy wouldn't be that hard to match.

Before hemming and sans drawstring - somewhat sackish

I'm digging pullover dresses lately - very comfy, plus putting in zippers tends to stress me out. Although I do find that you need to wriggle it (just a little bit) to get it off.

front view

back view

I am realizing, however, that I'm in a bit of a color rut – what can I say, I love navy! I won't apologize.  It goes with everything, looks good on everyone, is great in every season – but particularly summer. I am planning to mix it up though -  I've got some taffeta with a really fun, bright print for my next project. I was thinking of making some sweet parachute pants. Kidding!! I'm making another dress.


  1. Super cute!!! I love it!! :)

  2. Really cute dress, Hon, I love navy too!

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