About Me

I’m Kate and I make stuff. I love to be busy and I always have a project. I also love a bargain, trying to make something old into something new and fun, and a good before-and-after. Most of my projects are sewing projects and I have a little business creating and selling my original designs under my label, Filia (please see the "Shop" page for details!). I've recently moved from a tiny one-bedroom apartment to a bigger place, so I finally have room for larger projects like refinishing furniture and building things - which is super exciting and will probably result in occasional successes and possible disasters as I trial-and-error my way to new skills. I find it really satisfying to work with my hands - I think that sewing in particular can be really rewarding (and super-practical if you’re a shortie like me who needs every pair of pants hemmed) and would encourage more people to give it a go! I live with my husband George, who is extremely patient when I’m working on something and have junk strewn all over our apartment, and two cats, who lie on my fabric, chew pattern pieces, walk through wet paint, and generally create chaos. But they’re really cute so they get away with a lot.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at kateomakes@gmail.com!