Sunday, February 27, 2011

…eyelet Twinkle top

I would estimate about 75% of the garments I sew are dresses, so the first project I’m putting on this website is… a top! It’s a crazy world.
My excellent sister gave me a book of Twinkle designs and patterns for Christmas, which was a really cool idea. When making apparel, I often start out with a pattern similar to the overall design I’m envisioning and then make changes as needed – but widely available patterns tend to run behind current fashions and can get a little… dowdy. It’s true. But this book is pretty hip. So I picked out a cute little eyelet top and got to work.
My very technical method of marking pieces - Post Its.

Checking the fit

The fabric is black embroidered eyelet from Joanns – red tag! For a reason: it’s a bit faded. But selection was limited. Ultimately, I would have liked a more open pattern, but it worked for $5 a yard.
Finished product

And here’s the result! Not too bad – although as I said, the fabric reads a little too stiff and solid. But! It was a fun weekend project (minus the buttonholes – I despise putting in buttonholes. So stressful!). A successful non-dress!

Hey there! So previously, I catalogued my sewing projects in an album on Facebook, but I thought it might be more fun to have a website. Here I can show a little bit more of the process, add more comments, and show some non-sewing projects that I occasionally get up to. The internet is an amazing place to find inspiration for DIY projects of all types – so as I love to look at other people’s endeavors, so I’d like to add a few of my own (the successes and the epic fails). Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of the projects I post.
Also, my mum’s not on Facebook, so this is a way for her to see what I’ve been working on. Hi, mum!