Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Buying fabric for a project can be tricky. Nine times out of ten, when I go into a fabric store (or on a website) with a specific type of print or texture in mind, I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Other times, I find fabric that I love, but don't have a use for at the moment. Then the question becomes, do I just buy some of it and think of a use later? But then, how much do I get, not knowing how I'm going to use it?

Well, those two circumstances collided for me last weekend, when I couldn't find a fabric for a project I'm working on for a friend (the result of which I will hopefully share at a later date), but I did come into the possession of this lovely peacock feather-patterned twill:

It's a nice medium-weight twill, bit of sheen with a good stretch and it was dirt-cheap - about $4/yd.  SO, I bought the rest of the bolt - about 4 yards. And now, what to do with it? I love the pattern - although I wish it wasn't a black background, which always reads kind of dressy to me. I have a ton of it, so I have plenty for any project - except if I wanted to like, cover a couch, which is not my plan (I don't think).

A little black strapless peacock dress? A little jacket? A bag? Suggestions???

OK, I can't resist - this was about 10 seconds after I took the pictures of the fabric:

This is why I need a sewing room. With a door.


  1. A little dress for a fall wedding in napa!

  2. I can envision a nice little strapless sheath with a matching jacket with 3/4 length sleeves.

  3. How about a dress for your mum!!!!